Heroin Addiction in Abington, PA

Heroin addiction in Abington and throughout the country is rising. Many drug rehab centers are treating patients with heroin addiction, as it is one of the more common drugs to become addicted to. At a heroin addiction rehab center, treatment starts with a period of withdrawal, and continues with individual therapy, group sessions and drug addiction education. It's important to get the support you need as you begin to live a sober life. Addiction is hard, and when you can learn from other addicts, you will get the support you need. At a treatment facility for addiction, you will meet others struggling with the same issues that you are. Listen to the stories and learn from your peers.

The Effects of Heroin on the Body

Heroin addiction in Abington is rising because the effects of heroin on the body are extreme. Heroin produces a feel good sensation, but also blocks out pain. The addict doesn't feel any pain, and the receptors in the brain that cause you to feel good are on overdrive. Over time, these receptors can burn out, making it necessary to continue using heroin in order to not feel pain. The addict who uses heroin will have a difficult time withdrawing as symptoms from heroin withdrawal seen in drug rehab can be severe. A heroin addiction rehab center will address the symptoms and monitor the addict to ensure a safe withdrawal.

How Heroin is Used by Addicts

Unlike some drugs that are taken orally, heroin addiction in Abington begins through a much faster route. Users will shoot up heroin directly in to the bloodstream, snort heroin, smoke it, or even use it as a suppository for fast delivery into the body. This creates a launch into a new experience instead causing a slow and steady high to occur. Black tar heroin is made in Mexico, and it is the most common heroin that is dissolved, diluted and then injected. At a heroin addiction rehab center, addicts struggle during drug rehab in Abington because they crave the amazing feel good feeling heroin produces.

Heroin Addiction in Abington Symptoms and Signs

Heroin is an opiate that causes the need for drug rehab quite quickly. Some addicts start on opiates by getting addicted to prescription pain medications, and find that heroin is less expensive than prescription pain medications and will produce a comparable high. When you try heroin for the first time, the experience can be dramatic. Addicts quickly begin craving heroin, and the use of heroin produces a loss of control. The body quickly becomes dependent on heroin, and tolerance to heroin builds up fast. As an illegal drug, it's never safe to try heroin. If you think you need a heroin addiction rehab center, chances are that you do. This is a nearly impossible drug to withdraw from on your own.

A person addicted to heroin may appear sluggish or tired. Once they use the substance, they will appear normal once again until the heroin wears off. You may also see that the person is acting out of character, making decisions that are dangerous or feeling no pain. It isn't always possible to know that an individual is high on heroin, as tolerance builds up.

Why It's Important to Enter a Heroin Addiction Rehab

Addiction treatment in Abington for heroin addiction is necessary in order to become free from the substance. It is nearly impossible to quit heroin on your own, as the urge to continue using is too powerful. When your life is out of control because of drug addition, it's time to ask for help. While you may be nervous that your friends and family may find out about your addiction, they will eventually anyway if your addiction spirals out of control.

You don't need to quit heroin on your own. Your chances of sobriety are much higher if you are able to go to a drug rehabilitation facility and learn about your addiction triggers. When you withdraw from heroin correctly, you will then begin working in treatment to face your addiction. You'll meet with a counselor and come up with a treatment plan to address further treatment. Even if you can stop using heroin on your own, you aren't addressing the reasons you started using in the first place. With solid treatment, you can beat a drug addiction. You'll build up a support network and you will learn how to live a sober life. Call now for help at (267) 296-8338.

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