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Alcohol abuse is prevalent in today's society. As a legal substance, alcohol is both easy to get and socially acceptable to drink. The need for alcohol rehab in Abington is usually denied by the addict until such time that the alcoholic gets into legal trouble because of alcohol. Rehab for alcohol abuse begins with a medically assisted detox period, and relapse prevention techniques are taught over a lifetime. Alcohol withdrawal is difficult, and it is never recommended that an individual try to come off of alcohol on their own. A medically assisted drug detox in Abington is necessary to ensure your safety.

Understanding Alcohol Abuse

Having a few drinks while out with friends is one thing, while blacking out because of your alcohol consumption is completely different. Alcohol abuse is using alcohol to excess which results in irrational or dangerous behavior that you are no longer in control of. If you find yourself drinking at home alone because you feel sad or depressed, you are likely abusing alcohol. If you aren't sure how you got home the night before, you were in a blackout and abused alcohol. If this behavior is persistent, it's time to attend rehab for alcohol abuse. You will be able to find an alcohol rehab in Abington that can address your needs and ensure that your alcohol withdrawal is done safely.

Signs that You Need Alcohol Rehab in Abington Because of Abuse

There are a number of signs or symptoms you may experience if you need rehab for alcohol abuse. If you try alcohol withdrawal on your own and you give in to your cravings, you probably need treatment. An inability to stop on your own is a sure sign that an addiction is present. You may lose control when you are drinking, and build up a tolerance to alcohol. You may not feel drunk, even after consuming a number of drinks. If you find yourself drinking to excess more often than you have before, you probably need help for an alcohol addiction. When your friends or family members complain of behavioral changes, or you begin scheduling your activities around when you can drink next, it's time to ask for help.

The Dangers of Alcohol and the Need for Alcohol Rehab in Abington

It's important to get rehab for alcohol abuse when you are addicted to alcohol because the dangers of both short and long term alcohol abuse are serious. Alcohol was a factor in over 10,000 deaths in 2015, accounting for nearly 1/3 of all traffic related deaths. In 2015, almost 1.1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When you spend a long time addicted to drugs or alcohol, this will have a long term effect on your overall health. Certain cancers of the liver, throat and larynx and colon can occur because of extended alcohol abuse. Over time, organ failure can also occur because of excessive alcohol use. Fatty liver symptoms can occur, as well as problems with your kidneys, heart, and other vital organs. When you are ready to begin alcohol withdrawal, it's time to find a treatment center for alcohol addiction that can help you start your journey to a sober life.

When It's Time to Enter an Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

While you may be nervous about entering a rehabilitation facility, if you are addicted to alcohol it's time to ask for help. If you find your life spiraling out of control because of your alcohol abuse, it's time to seek addiction treatment in Abington. Many people with an alcohol addiction don't receive help when they need it. Since alcohol consumption is socially acceptable, many people don't realize they have such a problem until they get into legal trouble. You may be concerned that your boss is going to find out or your friends will learn about your addiction. Left untreated, you will have a hard time keeping your addiction to yourself. The earlier you get treatment, the less damage you will do to your body.

When you are ready to get treatment for your alcohol addiction, it's time to get an assessment at a drug rehabilitation facility. You will be assessed to determine what your needs are, and you will enter a medically-assisted detox in order to withdraw from alcohol in a safe manner. While you may be anxious about entering a facility for your alcohol addiction, your health and wellness will benefit in the long run. Call now for help at (267) 296-8338.

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