Drug Detox in Abington, PA

When you need drug detox in Abington, it's time to find the right drug detox treatment program to meet your specific needs. If you have been using drugs for a long time and withdrawal is going to be dangerous, you'll need to go to a medically-assisted center for drug detox to make sure you withdraw from substances in a safe manner. Drug detox is the first step in your recovery journey. Finding the right facility that will give you the services you need while you withdraw from substances is vital to your overall recover.

Understanding Drug Detox in Abington

Drug detox treatment programs in Abington are either medically-assisted detox, or a center for drug detox without medical intervention. When you go to a rehab facility for an assessment, providers will determine whether you will need a medically-assisted detox or not. If you are withdrawing from alcohol in a detox, you'll likely need to be supervised medically. While withdrawing from some types of drugs may be very uncomfortable, not all withdrawals produce symptoms that are life threatening. Detoxing from drugs means removing the substance from your body in a safe manner so that you can begin the emotional part of the recovery process.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Drug Detox in Abington

When you go for drug detox treatment at a center for drug detox, you may experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms. Your symptoms will depend on the substance you are addicted to, how long you have been using the substance, and how much of the drugs or alcohol you have been consuming. In general, the higher your consumption rates of drugs or alcohol, the worse your withdrawal symptoms are going to be.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be severe, and this is why you will need a center for drug detox to remove alcohol from your body. Drug detox treatment for alcohol rehab in Abington is usually medically-assisted. This means that you will be watched closely for symptoms by medical professionals. You will be provided medication to help keep your symptoms under control. Symptoms from alcohol withdrawal can start of slowly, and some people try to withdraw on their own at home. This is a dangerous practice, as although symptoms may start mild, they can become serious, even life threatening very quickly.

If you try to withdraw from alcohol without going to a drug detox in Abington, you are taking a big risk with your life. Symptoms can start with mild shaking, irritability or depression, but they can quickly escalate to delirium tremens, seizures, coma and even death. Once symptoms start, you may get too confused to seek the lifesaving treatment that you need.

Withdrawing from opiates such as prescription pain medications or heroin are a bit different. Your body will crave the substance, and you may suffer from stomach pains, nausea, anxiety or depression. Opiate withdrawal does not produce the same life threatening symptoms as alcohol withdrawal, although a medically-assisted detox may still be necessary to keep your symptoms under control.

If you are trying to withdraw from cocaine, this may be difficult to do on your own as well. Symptoms such as hopelessness, depression, agitation and overall unease begin to set in within hours of your last use of cocaine. To get rid of these symptoms, addicts will begin using again. As your body continues to withdraw and symptoms get worse, the likelihood of a relapse is high.

Why Entering a Drug Detox in Abington is So Important

While going to a drug detox in Abington may feel daunting, it's time to get the help you deserve for your drug addiction. Many people wait to go to detox because they fear what others are going to think about their addiction. When you are working, you may be worried that you will lose your job if you admit to your problem. Others don't feel ready to remove drugs from their system or are afraid of what the withdrawal process will be like. If you are ready to get your life back from drugs, you need to call for help from a drug detox facility.

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