Addiction Treatment in Abington, PA

Addiction treatment in Abington is a process. At a drug rehab, you will be assessed to determine the best way for you to withdraw from the substance you are on. This begins the physical removal of your addiction. Programs for addiction treatment offer more than simply a safe drug detox in Abington. When you commit to treatment, you will be able to learn about ways to live a sober lifestyle. You will gain the tools you need and find the support that is necessary in order to remain drug free. Your first step is to ask for help.

Understanding Addiction Treatment in Abington

Addiction is both a physical and emotional dependency on a substance such as drugs or alcohol. When you try to remove the substance from your body, your body craves the substance. This is why it's so hard to withdraw from drugs or alcohol at home. If you aren't in a drug rehab in Abington, you are more likely to start using again when the symptoms become uncomfortable. At programs for addiction treatment, you will be monitored for withdrawal symptoms and given medication to ease the symptoms if possible. You have a higher chance of success when you are in a program going through withdrawal than if you are trying to do it at home alone.

How Addiction Treatment in Abington Works

Programs for addiction treatment start with a withdrawal process that will likely be medically supervised. The withdrawal period can take a few days, up to a few weeks, depending on the withdrawal symptoms that you present with. You'll begin meeting with a counselor during this time in drug rehab to determine what steps you should take next in your treatment journey. You may go on to an inpatient facility where you will get support 24 hours a day. You may be introduced to holistic therapies such as acupuncture and yoga to address stress levels. You will also be introduced to 12-step groups, one of the most traditional ways to deal with drug or alcohol addiction.

Treatment will be based on your needs and your comfort level on returning home. Programs for addiction treatment will vary on how long you stay in the program, so you will want to work hard in drug rehab to learn the skills you need to be out on your own. For relapse prevention purposes, building up a strong support network and learning coping skills are both essential to your success.

How Addiction Affects the Brain

Drugs of abuse seen at programs for addiction treatment produce a euphoria in the brain by increasing the release of dopamine. Drugs tap into the brain's reward system, and produce a high that is much more powerful than a natural high which might come from sex or another pleasurable activity. Addiction treatment in Abington focuses on removing the substance from your body in a safe manner. This is very hard to do on your own, because addiction produces such powerful feelings.

Long term drug abuse of opiates, for example, can permanently change your brain circuitry. The use of opiates can decrease your mental capacity, making it hard for you to think clearly over time. Once you have abused your brain for too long on drugs, it is impossible to get all of your faculties back.

Temporary issues from drug use can include loss of memory, trouble functioning, stomach problems, headaches, and more. Long term use of drugs can lead to permanent loss of memory and an overall inability to function well.

Why Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Is Necessary

If you are considering drug treatment for your addiction, the time to start is now. When you begin getting the help you need for your addiction, you will stop damaging your brain any further. While you may try to stop on your own at home, the power of addiction is very strong. Those that reach out for help are more successful at long term sobriety than those who try to withdraw from drugs or alcohol on their own.

When you are thinking about drug rehab, you are ready to begin the process. While you may be nervous about beginning your journey of sobriety, the earlier you start the better off you are going to be. Long term drug abuse can cause serious, permanent damage to your brain and it's important to stop the abuse before you become permanently disabled. You can become sober and live a life without drugs or alcohol, but you need to take the first step and ask for the help. Call now at (267) 296-8338.

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